Principal Adirondack High Peak Trailheads

Below are the Principal Trailheads to the Adirondack High Peaks. Click on the Trailhead links to be taken to the information about that specific trailhead.

  • Adirondack Loj at Heart Lake
    The majority of hikers departing Adirondack Loj are destined for Marcy Dam from whence they may head to Phelps, Tabletop, Marcy, Colden, Cliff, Redfield, Skylight, Marshall, and the MacIntyre Range. Or they may rent a lean-to or pitch a tent at Marcy Dam.

  • Ausable Club
    Keep in mind that while the State of New York has obtained for you permission to hike in the AMR, it gained that right through negotiation with the Ausable Club which are the owners of the land. You can pass through the AMR, but you cannot camp there, swim there, leave the trails, or bring pets with you.

  • Corey's Road
    The ADK map is the only map we are familiar with that actually shows the 4 lean-to's in their approximate locations relative to Seward and Seymour Mtns.   Yes, there are 4 that are well situated for those wanting to do the Seward Range via the Blueberry Foot Trail

  • Elk Lake
    The trailhead at Elk Lake is the southernmost of the major High Peaks trailheads.  It provides access to the Dix Range, Mt Marcy, Skylight, Haystack, and the Colvin Range. 

  • The Garden
    The Garden provides very convenient access to the Johns Brook area including all peaks bordering Johns Brook. Not that many years ago the Garden was unattended and parking was free. These were known as "the good old days". 

  • Upper Works
    Upper Works is on the "short list" of principal Adirondack trailheads that access the 46 High Peaks.  Especially well suited for hikers to the central and western High Peaks regions, Upper Works refers to all three of the trailheads that are dispersed along Upper Works Road, a lonely secondary road that makes its way straight north deep into the west central High Peaks region.