Important Notes, Terms of Use, Disclaimers, and Warnings:

Terms of use of DAKS46.com and the information contained therein follow.  By reading and/or employing information published on this website the reader acknowledges that he/she understands and accepts the information contained on this page. 

The information provided at DAKS46.com, whether pictorial, text, or in map form is intended only to supplement, not replace or contradict, guidebooks published and for sale to hikers, such as the ADK's Guide to Adirondack Trails I and the McMartin Discover the Adirondack High Peaks, vol. 11.  Information published in these or other guidebooks normally available to hikers supersedes information published on DAKS46.com. While we will be working at getting and keeping content up to date, conditions in the Adirondacks can change. You should keep this information in mind when planning your hike.

Trail conditions change very rapidly in the Adirondacks.  Trail condition is subject to weather, use, rerouting by NYSDEC and other organizations, malicious mischief, and other factors.  While we empts to update its pages from time to time we provide NO assurance that conditions or routes will resemble what appears on our pages or that our pages are any more accurate than what the author was able to note at the time the hike was taken.   The photos and text herein represent only a snapshot in time.  

DAKS46.com strongly advises you to not enter the forest alone or unprepared.  Doing so is hazardous and can easily result in a life-threatening situation, even though it may not seem so on a bright, sunny day.  Weather in the mountains changes in minutes; sudden temperature drops of 20-30 degrees or more are not uncommon, particularly above 2000 feet.  Micro-bursts, and other extreme precipitation are possible on the sunniest and most pleasant of days.  

Proper preparation includes basic orienteering skills such as map reading and compass work, basic survival and first aid skills, and instruction in the use of hiking/backpacking equipment, clothing, and their proper use.  Your plans should allow for the unexpected to change your plans.  

Do not enter the forest without at least a map & compass, and enough food/water and clothing to sustain you in inclement conditions on an emergency basis for at least 24 hours.    

Important Notes, Terms of Use, and Disclaimers