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1.Feldspar Brook Trail to Four Corners
2. Four Corners to Skylight summit

The map shows the route from the Uphill lean-to on the Opalescent River to the summits of Gray, Skylight, & Marcy. The route shown is a total of 4.5 miles from the lean-to to Gray, then Skylight, and then Marcy.

Trip In A Nutshell: 

We hiked in from Upper Works on the Calamity Brook Trail RED & BLUE (ADK #121, McM #39).  This is the shortest, easiest route to the Lake Colden-Flowed Lands area.  From there we followed the Opalescent River Trail RED (ADK #121, McM #46) to the Uphill Brook lean-to at the intersection of Uphill Brook and the Opalescent River.  From the lean-to we climbed Cliff and Redfield Mtns one day and Gray, Skylight, and Marcy on another.  To climb Gray, Skylight and Marcy we followed the Feldspar Brook Trail to Four Corners from which trails to the 3 peaks start, although the trail to the summit of Gray Peak starts some hundreds of yards prior to Four Corners.

Click on the links just below for description of the Feldspar Brook Trail and Four Corners.  

The climb from Four Corners to the summit of Skylight is straight up on good-to-very good trail with dwarf trees on either side of you until they give out for lack of soil to plant their roots in.  At the start, there is a bed of gravel and rubble underfoot, although this is no problem.  From there on, you are on bare rock that steers you around small gardens of delicate alpine vegetation.  As you climb, the various peaks begin to reveal themselves if you look over your shoulder.  Haystack and Marcy, of course, and then the Great Range.  Even Whiteface to the left of Marcy.  The climb was surprisingly quick, so assuming you still have good energy by the time you reach Four Corners, you should make the climb  

See the descriptions of the photos below.

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