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1. Indian Pass Trail S from Heart Lake to Wallface and Scott Pond Trail

2. From Wallface Pond bushwhack to MacNaughton summit

These maps trace the route of this hike from the Heart Lake trailhead to the summit of MacNaughton Mtn. 


Trip In A Nutshell:

A climb of MacNaughton via the Wallface and Scott ponds is a good adventure with a lot to see and enjoy.  The summit is just under 4000 feet at 3983 feet.  MacNaughton offers excellent diversity from the very civilized and scenic hike on the Indian Pass Trail to the marshy pond-to-pond traverses at 3150 ft.  It even has a breached dam or two.  MacNaughton has no maintained herd path over the last mile.  It is, therefore, not a place to go alone; days or weeks may pass between visits to the summit. 

The round trip from Adirondack Loj (Heart Lake) to MacNaughton's summit is a very strenuous combination of diverse terrain in a 15.4 mile hike, better done as an overnight.  The first segment on the RED Indian Pass Trail from Adirondack Loj to the start of the Wallface and Scott Ponds Trail is rated as moderate over very good trails.  For photos and description of this 4.0 mi. segment of the hike, visit the Indian Pass Trail Page.  The BLUE trail to the ponds is steep and difficult in its beginnings; flat and marshy thereafter.  The trip is a long one at about 14 hours r/t .

Best Tip for MacNaughton:
The geographers among you will appreciate that Wallface Ponds flow into the Hudson and Scott Pond flows north into the St. Lawrence yet they are separated by a matter of yards.  See if you can find the spot where you reach the height of land between the two. 

Views pop up as soon as you finish the steep climb from Indian Pass Brook to the ponds.  Views of the MacIntyres are good.  From the summit there are several views as you walk along the ridgeline.  

NOTE: This hike starts at the Heart Lake (Adirondack Loj) trailhead and follows the Indian Pass Trail (ADK #75, McM #34) 4.0 miles to the start of the Wallface Ponds and Scott Pond Trail covered here.  Visit the Indian Pass Trail Page to see the start of this hike.