Panorama #5: W with Algonquin dead-center

Sign on summit that points to the continuation of the trail to Yard Mtn and the..

Panorama #4:  SW with Haystack, Marcy, Colden, etal.

Panorama #2:  SE

Panorama #3: South

Panorama #1 from the summit.  East

More steep rock.  Summit just ahead...we think.

Elaine works in some stretches.

Joel's Hike in Pictures & Descriptions

The canopy

A sharp left turn here.  A sapling thrives at the center of its radius.  Hikers have erected..

Just beyond the ladder we push on very close to the summit, but are not prepared for the...

At 2.21 miles from the starting point (see photo & text #1, above) we reach the...

Wow!  The last cliff on Big Slide set against the Great Range in the distance

Joel's Hike In A Nutshell :

One popular guide book says the view from the summit of Big Slide is the single best view in the Adirondacks. We see their point!  Big Slide provides the most splendid broadside view to be had of  the entire Great Range, which is probably the most famous view in the Adirondacks. 

You have two options for routes up Big Slide and one is decidedly better than the other. The route that starts in the very next paragraph is the most used route. It provides a terrific view of the Great Range pretty much unremarkable, but there is a much better choice from Johns Brook Lodge that passes over Yard Mt. on its way to Big Slide. 

Now you might be thinking that two peaks are more than you want to handle. That would be true except that it is easier and more fun overall to go up Yard Mt. first and then follow the summit trail over to Big Slide, then go back down via the Big Slide Trail, thus completing a loop back to Johns Brook Lodge. If this sounds good to you (and it should!), then just click HERE

Big Slide by the Usual Route: 

The Big Slide Trail Red (ADK #13, McM #114), begins at its junction with the Johns Brook Trail about 0.3 miles below John Brooks Lodge where it intersects the trail from
the Garden to JBL.   If you are coming from the other direction; i.e., up the Johns Brook Trail from The Garden trailhead, at 3.1 miles you will come to a tee in the trail. Left goes to the NYSDEC Outpost, right to Johns Brook Lodge. Turn right, walk 0.1 mile and you will come to the sign that marks the start of the Big Slide trail.  


While the round trip from the Garden is 11.2 miles and the vertical ascent from the start of the Slide Brook Trail is about 1800 feet, this hike is on  good trail seldom as steep as High Peaks trails like to get, except near the last several hundred feet to the summit where it is very  steep, but has been made easy by the use of ladders. The route is  straightforward over well-traveled, well-maintained trails.  We rate the round trip from the Garden to the summit of Big Slide, via The Brothers,  as strenuous.  A round trip from Johns Brook Lodge would be  moderate. 


If you are planning a hike up Big Slide from Johns Brook Lodge you might consider ascending via Yard Mt. (ADK#14, McM #115) and descending from Big Slide. Both trails provide a nice variety as each is quite unique. Choose the clockwise direction if your starting point is Johns Brook Lodge.


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While rocky in numerous places, the rock is seldom loose.

Looking behind us, the broadleaf forest provides little opening above.

A fair amount of mature birch implies the area either burned or was harvested..

At a point about 600 vertical feet above Johns Brook and the start of this trail.

What did we just say about ladders?  Nearing the summit, a ladder assists with some of...

Big Slide Mountain:

Elevation: 4,240'(1,292 m)
Average Hike: 11.2 Miles

Other Map Sources:

Big Slide Mtn. at GMap4 

Big Slide Mtn. at Google Maps

Big Slide Mtn. NatGeo Trail

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Joel's Route:

  1. Johns Brook Trail from "The

     Garden" trailhead to its junction

     with the Big Slide Trail (ADK

    #1,  McM #108)  yellow  

2. Big Slide Trail to summit (ADK

    #13, McM #114) RED

Yard Mt. summit

More of the trail, easy going in the beginning

The first 15 minutes of the Big Slide Trail from Johns Brook is gentle.


This shot to the East is a great testimony to the rugged diversity of the Adirondack Mtns. 

The Wolf Jaws and Armstrong. In the background the pointy one is Dix..

L to R: Lower Wolf Jaws, Upper Wolf Jaws, Dix (far background), Armstrong, Gothics,...

Hike Big Slide Mountain in the Adirondack Mountains. Big Slide is the 27th highest peak in New York State. Here you will find details on hiking Big Slide Mountain, Big Slide Mountain Maps, & Big Slide Mountain Trail Reports

Several short expanses of bare rock provide a little diversity early in the ...

The start of the red Big Slide Trail (ADK #13, McM #114) begins at the Johns Brook Trail