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The menu to the left and above will bring you to all of the 46 High Peaks. The menu to the left contains mountains or pairings that have their own pages. Where a particular peak you may be looking for is a part of a range of peaks, you must click on the ADK Ranges link either here, or in the top menu to see what is written there concerning that peak. An example of this is: Haystack, Basin, and Saddleback Mountain are not seen in the left menu, they can be accessed by Clicking The Upper Range link within ADK Ranges.




   DAKS 46: Your Virtual Trailhead to
   the Adirondack High Peaks Region

We are excited to announce the return of Joel Dobson's research and documentation from his much missed adirondackjourney web site. For those of you who are familiar with Joel's work and website, you already know how much time and careful effort he put into helping hikers explore the Adirondacks. The ADK hiking community has missed Joel's detailed High Peaks trail guides, insights, suggestions, and photo documentation of the trails.



 On any given day, Joel would spend HOURS researching and answering the questions that came in from readers from all over. From 2000 to 2006 he gave detailed, researched, and personally crafted advice on hiking routes, gear, or whatever questions a prospective hiker posed. Answering these queries

was almost as much fun for him as planning his own Adirondack adventures.

It is our goal at daks46 to carry on Joel's vision of providing free, detailed information on everything related to the 46 Adirondack High Peaks. We have posted all of the hike descriptions and maps from Adirondack Journey and in the coming months will be working on posting all of the images and descriptions also. We will be updating information as much as possible and welcome any input and updates from the trails.

Thanks for making us part of your Adirondack Journey!


Our search feature is set to search only a specific list of ADK sites, by doing this you will have a better chance at finding what you want, and faster. If you are looking for current trip reports we suggest typing in the Mtn. then trip reports e.g., "Mt Colden Trip Report"

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Ever wonder how the Adirondacks came to be?
Today's Adirondack Mountains are an arrangement of rock, soils, animal life, and vegetation that have resulted from more than a billion years of geologic activity and weather. To read more about the history of these beautiful mountains click here 

 Joel's goal was always to present the Adirondacks from the point of view of the hiker. He never overlooked the mundane details like trail signs and parking lots—the very things that reassure hikers that they are on the right track. Most importantly, Joel wanted the information he gathered to be free and easily accessible to his fellow hikers.

Welcome to the Adirondack High Peaks

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